Receiverships & Asset Management

Receiverships & Asset Management is one of the additional services offered by B&R Property Management. We recognize that our Principal Receivership responsibility is to Protect, Preserve and Maintain the Asset as well as those specific responsibilities as contained in the Order Appointing Receiver.

B&R is equipped to provide customized Asset Management for the individual client's requirements. Asset management is where B&R executes operational decisions according to the client's pre-described parameters. That includes everything from site selection to ultimate asset disposition, including financing, design, construction, property management and leasing. B&R provides market identification and market recommendation as well as suggesting methods of improving net operating income.

The following are just some of the receivership and asset management services provided by B&R.

• Executive-Level Contact
• Monthly Reporting Package to Court and other Stakeholders
• Final Reporting and Transitioning Through Termination of Receivership

• Property Analysis and Strategic Development for Receivership Period
• Develop Comprehensive Repairs and Maintenance Plan
• Negotiation of Service Contracts
• Oversight of Contracted Services
• Management of Capital Improvements Projects, if any
• Monthly Financial Reporting
• Timely Response to Maintenance Requests
• Supervision of Staff

• Payable and Receivable Management
• Aggressive Collection of Delinquencies
• Property Tax Appeals
• Detailed Tracking of Operating Expenses
• Comprehensive Annual Operating and Capital Budgets
• Insurance/Risk Management
• Payroll and Benefits Management for On-Site Staff